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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Tissue Tutorial You've Got To Try

I've had several questions about the little peat pots that are in my header pictures, so I thought I would post a tutorial on how I made them.
 First off, I found a great tutorial on how to print on tissue paper. That's right, tissue paper. I basically taped a piece of tissue paper to the top of a piece of card stock, then cut the tissue paper the same size of my piece of card stock. Then I just printed on it, like a normal piece of paper, it was that easy. Just feed the taped side of your card stock in first. It is so much thinner than paper or card stock, and it prints on beautifully. If you want to see the tutorial on how to print on card stock, it's here:
 I painted all of my peat pots white, not covering the whole pot. Instead of cutting my pictures out, I ripped around them, I love the way it looks.
 I just used a sponge paint brush. After they were completely dry, I just painted on a little Mod Podge. Put my piece of tissue paper on it, then painted over the piece of tissue paper with my Mod Podge too.
Then I just added a little floral foam, stuck floral wire in the bottom of my wax beeswax chicks, then added a little Easter grass. That's it, it was that easy!
 I also added some tissue paper to these paper mache boxes. I painted them first. I always use one solid color as a base coat, then another one for the top. I never completely cover with the top coat of paint, so you can see the bottom coat peeking thru. 
 I sand them down really good, then stain them. I let them dry overnight, then used the same technique I used above to glue my tissue paper to my paper mache boxes. 
 You can see the lid above, I ripped it a little to much, but I didn't redo it, I liked the way it looked.
The picture above shows the neat wrinkled effect you get with the tissue paper.
 Then all done and ready to display on my shelves.
It was really fun to do, and I've got tons of ideas floating around in my head right now. You've got to give it a try, it was really fun. until next time!

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