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About Us

I'm a busy wife, and Mom of 4 of the greatest young adults ever. I've always been a crafter, even as a child. One very lucky day, I found a primitive website and was hooked. When I started designing patterns, I hoped I could give you something to enjoy as much as I do. In all of this, I've realized I enjoy all of you as much as I do the patterns I create. I've been making primitives since 2004, you've turned this into a blessing for me. I hope you feel the joy and accomplishment I do when I finish a pattern, and display it in my home. 
When I'm not working on patterns, I'm reading or gardening. My  kids like to call me a crazy ol' cat lady, but that's not a bad thing in my book. Thanks for allowing me to continue doing what I love. Picking the name was easy, I design primitives, and I live in the country, it was perfect!.