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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Tissue Tutorial You've Got To Try

I've had several questions about the little peat pots that are in my header pictures, so I thought I would post a tutorial on how I made them.
 First off, I found a great tutorial on how to print on tissue paper. That's right, tissue paper. I basically taped a piece of tissue paper to the top of a piece of card stock, then cut the tissue paper the same size of my piece of card stock. Then I just printed on it, like a normal piece of paper, it was that easy. Just feed the taped side of your card stock in first. It is so much thinner than paper or card stock, and it prints on beautifully. If you want to see the tutorial on how to print on card stock, it's here:
 I painted all of my peat pots white, not covering the whole pot. Instead of cutting my pictures out, I ripped around them, I love the way it looks.
 I just used a sponge paint brush. After they were completely dry, I just painted on a little Mod Podge. Put my piece of tissue paper on it, then painted over the piece of tissue paper with my Mod Podge too.
Then I just added a little floral foam, stuck floral wire in the bottom of my wax beeswax chicks, then added a little Easter grass. That's it, it was that easy!
 I also added some tissue paper to these paper mache boxes. I painted them first. I always use one solid color as a base coat, then another one for the top. I never completely cover with the top coat of paint, so you can see the bottom coat peeking thru. 
 I sand them down really good, then stain them. I let them dry overnight, then used the same technique I used above to glue my tissue paper to my paper mache boxes. 
 You can see the lid above, I ripped it a little to much, but I didn't redo it, I liked the way it looked.
The picture above shows the neat wrinkled effect you get with the tissue paper.
 Then all done and ready to display on my shelves.
It was really fun to do, and I've got tons of ideas floating around in my head right now. You've got to give it a try, it was really fun. until next time!

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Spring Hatch Pattern and Hornbook

 It's about that time of year, SPRING. Here in East Texas, it's felt like spring for a couple of months, I'm even running my air conditioner. I started Spring Hatch with the chicks.
 Then I finished up the tulips and and started my bunnies. 
 I tried a couple of different background colors, but as soon as I started this beautiful Valdani color, I knew it was the one.
 All finished up, now on to the hornbook wood I mounted it too. You can also find the hornbook wood in my Etsy shop. 
 I started with my light color, but wanted to give it a little extra. The colors I used are also in the Spring Hatch punch needle pattern. Before you start your darker color, let the light color dry overnight, then sand it to your liking.
 I would start the darker color as little dots, and would move them around with a damp sponge brush.
 As you can see on the corners, I made / slashes on each corner.
 If you think you've added to much of your dark color, just add a little more water to your sponge brush to clean it away.
 I only did the slashes on the corners, the rest I did up and down lines, just to make it interesting.
Then I stained it with Old English furniture polish, you will find the tutorial for that in my last post, and in the tutorial section. 


Thanks for dropping by!

Staining Hornbook Wood

 I get asked all of the time how I finish off my hornbook wood, so here's how I do it.
 I have my handy little sander, perfect size for my hand.
 As you can see, I need to change my sandpaper. There are little wires on the side that clamp down to hold your paper. I just buy a pack of sandpaper and cut them to fit the sander.
I know it's hard to see in this picture, but you will see it better in the picture of it stained below. You can also click the pictures to make them larger. I've really sanded the paint off the edges. I also like to run it across the top lighter just to add a few places the stain can stick too. Just sand to your liking.
 I use this Old English furniture stain, you can find it in the furniture polish section of the store. I like to use scrap quilt batting to stain with. I put a really dark stain on it, especially in your sanded down places. I leave a lot of stain on it overnight. The next day, wipe off the excess with another scrap of quilt batting. If you want it darker, just reapply until you get the darkness you like.
That's it, now your ready to paint and sand your own! Thanks for dropping by!

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Cupid Has My Heart From Beginning to End

This is my first pattern for 2017, Happy New Year! This one is actually 3 pieces that are put together.
 I wasn't thinking hair when I first started it. I guess I just love those cute little cupids in the vintage postcards.
 The large heart is punched in 1 Valdani color, but I left the "V" empty because that is where your pocket will go.
 I added a little arrow so you would know it was a cupid without the heart.
 I put the pocket and cupid on the same weavers cloth in my frame. Just make sure there's enough room to fold some cloth under when you pull them off the frame and cut them out.
 Here's the heart punched with the empty "V" for the pocket.
 All done and ready to put together.
 Stitch your pocket in place after you've stitched all of  your edges down.
 Pocket stitched in place and stitching my wool backing in place. I added a small amount of fiber fill so it wasn't completely flat. 
 When I stitched a backing on my cupid, I just used a scrap piece of weavers cloth since you won't see the back or lower body. When cutting him out, leave that lower body in place, that's what holds him in the pocket.
Now all finished off with a wool hanger! You can download the pattern instantly in both of my shops below. Happy punching!

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Thursday, December 22, 2016

Candy Canes With Holly Punch Needle Pattern

 Hello everyone! Well this is the last Christmas pattern for 2016, sometimes I'm happy to see it go, but this year I'm a little sad. I have a few more Christmas ideas being knocked around in this head of mine. I'll have to lock them away for next year.
 This guy is kind of the pair to Toys With Holly, they are the same size, and have a matching name. He came to me kind of unexpected, but was a joy to punch. In other news, I'm excited to be designing and selling the hornbook wood I mount my finished pieces on. I've got tons of plans for them. I loved buying hornbooks, but I always had to make the pattern idea, fit the hornbook when I really wanted it to go the opposite direction. Below, you'll find the links to both of my stores, you can instantly download them. You can also request a mailed pattern, and the hornbook wood is in my Etsy shop too.
 I've been adding sneak peeks to my instagram lately. I've got a new phone and it makes it super easy to snap a photo and post it, so to see those sneak peeks, you can follow me here: I'm working on Valentines, and will start posting sneak peeks of that next week. Tomorrow I'll be baking all day, then I cook the big meal for all of the kids, friends, and family on Christmas Eve, so we can snack all day Christmas day. So, if I don't get the chance to get on in the next couple of days, I want to wish you and your families a Very Merry Christmas!!!!
           ETSY               THE PATTERN CUPBOARD

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Toys With Holly Punch Needle Pattern

 I just added Toys With Holly to my Etsy shop, now you can also purchase the hornbook wood I mounted mine on too! Just in time for the holidays. Below, you'll see the way I tackled my pattern from beginning to end.
 I really like starting with the small stuff, and work my way out.
 I like adding the face first, it kind of sets the mood for the rest of the pattern. I really love to play with the eyebrows, they can really change a face.
 Once I get to the bigger things, I like to outline them first, then fill them in.
 There's nothing like punching in the late afternoon sun, of course this is before the time changed. 
 Now, all ready for the background, I used Valdani so I didn't have to keep changing the color, it did it for me.
To finish, I did three rolls all the way around.
You will find the link to my shops below, you can download the pattern instantly there. You can also purchase the hornbook wood, like the one I mounted my piece on in my Etsy shop. If I don't get the chance for another post before Thanksgiving, I hope you have a wonderful one with all your family and friends!!!