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Thursday, September 6, 2018

Gather Rug Hooking Pattern Beginning to End

 This was a really fun pattern to hook, fall has always been my favorite season on the year. I just wanted to show how I hooked the pattern from beginning to end.
 I started the house in the center of the pattern first. It just made sense to start there.  

 I finished it, then outlined it with one row of my background color before I pulled it off the frame and started in the top left corner.
 I loved the way this wool colored looked as letters. I also covered the back and edges in it.
 I love the way the leaves popped with the background color I chose.
 On to the bottom.
 Here's the newest Prim In The Country employee. His mom abandoned him, but he took to the bottle quickly and grew just as fast. He's totally off the bottle now and still loves laying on the frame while I work.
 After stitching my monk's cloth edging in place, I laid the finished piece on top of the wool I used as my backing, leaving enough to curl up over the edges to stitch in place. 
 You can download the pattern instantly, or get the mailed version with the option to have it traced on red dot tracing fabric, in my Etsy shop. You will find both links below. Now off to draw up Santa.
As always, if you have any questions, please email me anytime, thanks for dropping by!

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