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Thursday, January 22, 2015

What A Mess

What a mess huh, my work station. I got a little bit done on my new punch needle pattern. I finally broke down and got a gripper frame. I love it! It spins bends, does anything you want. It makes it a LOT faster. I'm still only giving you a sneak peek, I might show more tonight. I'm getting a late start this morning. It was 60 degrees out yesterday, It's 30 today. What is it about a cold morning that makes you want to snuggle down nice and cozy in bed. Well, off to do some punching, stay warm!


Virginia M said...

Just wondering what brand gripper frame you are using and if it is comfortable when you are sitting on your lap?

Melissa Bowman said...

Hello Virginia, I bought mine at I love it, it is super easy to use. It's not very heavy, so it fits perfectly in my lap. You can turn the base to set it on one leg, turn it the other direction, it sets on both legs. I've always used hand held hoops. I would get cramps in that hand sometimes, you don't have to worry about that on this frame.