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Saturday, June 6, 2015

New Needle Punch Pattern From Beginning To End

 I thought it would be fun to post the photos from beginning to end on my new punch needle e-pattern.  
 I always find something to inspire a pattern, I found these great pictures, and loved the clothes. Plus, I've been wanting to make some pumpkin people for a while, so I just put the two together.
I had to also add a misses. I know I've jumped ahead a bit, but it also gives anyone the time to finish the project in more then enough time to decorate your home for fall. 
I started adding some background colors early trying to decide what color I wanted. I didn't end up using any of the colors above. 

I usually only use DMC floss on all of my patterns. I've been ordering a color of Weeks Dye Works thread here and then when ordering DMC, just to check out their colors.
 I used 4 Weeks Dye Works colors in both of these 2 patterns, the rest DMC floss. Weeks Dye Works is also 6 strand floss like DMC, but the colors are variegated. They made beautiful pumpkin heads and leaves. 
I order all of my floss from Everythingcrossstitch  

Here he is all finished up. 
Now on to the Misses. 
I do change my pattern as I punch, when you start seeing it come alive, sometimes it just needs a little added here and there. 

Time to take here out to do the bottom. 
When a whole pattern doesn't fit in my gripper frame, I just add a piece of batting or the foam craft sheet to cover the grippers, keeping them for messing up the finished side of my pattern.

 Well, her she is all finished up. You can purchase them together, for a reduced price, or you can order just one. You can order them in any of my shops below.

I hope you enjoyed the pictures, have a great weekend! Until next time.


donna said...

Nice tutorial, absolutely love this pattern! Great Job, I will purchase soon

Melissa Bowman said...

Thanks so much Donna, they were very fun to punch!