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Friday, October 2, 2015

Postcard With Santa From Beginning To End

 Hello all! It didn't take long to do this one, but it was fun to do. I loved how different eyebrow shapes changed his face up.

 I did put a lot of detail in his shirt, I didn't want to many large spots of unchanging color.

 This is the picture that gave me the idea of the pattern name. He just looked like he was stepping out of a postcard.

 I did the background in 2 colors. I circled the snowflakes with the lighter color a couple times.

 I just punched the lighter color around here and there, then filled in the rest with the darker color.
 I've got a bunch of old rusty bed springs, and thought they would be a excellent fit.
I just bent up one of the sides of the bed spring, then stitched the finished piece right onto the spring and added a little homespun bow. I couldn't find my jar of rusty bells, maybe next time. Some berry picks would be cute too. 
Here we go, all done!
Well, I'm off to start my next pattern. Hope everyone has a great weekend, and happy punching!


kaycampbell said...

Do you have pattern of this one for sale

Melissa Jones Bowman said...

It sure is Kay, you can find it at

Let me know if you need anything else, my email is