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Sunday, October 25, 2015

Witchy Ways

I said in an earlier post that we're making some life size witches for the front yard for Halloween. We don't decorate the yard until Halloween night, so it's a new view for everyone. They do a haunted hay ride here every year, and it passes in front of the house. So we're adding all kinds of fun things, and I'll keep posting pictures, as we get things finished. My son started it out by making the 'skeleton' for our witches. 
I made a simple muslin dress that I'll be dyeing, hopefully tomorrow. With all the rain this weekend, we've been stuck working in the house. I'll be giving the dress a prim look. I've got cheese cloth to make some shaws, and whatever else we decide to add to the dress. We will be using chicken wire to fill in the body and arms. I'm making the heads and hands out of muslin. Falling back on my prim doll making days, except full size.
Heads and hands all drawn up.

Getting stitched up, with Fizz's help, of course.
Fizz is acting as my model here.
 I've got her head all stuffed, now it's time to start sculpting. I found the coolest tutorial ever, as a guide to go by while sculpting my face, here's the link. Witch Crafts, such a talented man!

 The kitties seem to like having a few extra hands around the house. We have owls, handmade witch brooms and some really cute signs, flowerbed creatures with glowing eyes, and a front porch that looks like your walking into a huge mouth, all coming soon. 
Well, that's it for now, I'll add more tomorrow. Hope everyone has a great week!

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