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Thursday, November 19, 2015

Witchy Ways Part 3 & Sneak Peek

It's sneak peek time!!! This will be the last Christmas design for 2015, so I thought it would be the perfect time for a pattern giveaway! I promise more details on that, coming in the next couple of days. I'm thinking one giveaway to end 2015, and another one later on, to ring in 2016 ( I can't believe we'll be doing that really soon)!

Now, I'm so sorry it has taken so long to get these pictures posted of our Halloween night. I made life size witches, and if you missed the first two posts about them, you can go check them out, because I added pictures from their beginning to here, their end. This is the skeleton, I've added some chicken wire to, so they wouldn't be flat, and arms I could bend.
Then I just dressed their skeletons. I put on the dress first, then put the head in it's place. To keep the head steady, I stitched the neck of the dress to her neck (just a simple stitch all the way around it). It also made the head easy to take apart to store, I just cut the stitch.
I added the shaw and then wired her hands on. When I made the hands with muslin, as I was stuffing with polyfil, I added floral wire to bend the fingers.
 Then set them up in the yard with the typical  witch essentials. I added lights and glow sticks, then a little polyfil in the cauldron for "bubbles".
 We couldn't forget the front door. Just poster board teeth and eyes.
I added glow sticks in between the eyes, so they would be seen when the sun went down, plus some wavy glow paint lines.
 All the glowing eyes in the flower bed easy, just coffee cans with holes cut for eyes and mouth, and more glow sticks on the inside.
 Here's the whole yard, My daughter put silhouettes in the windows she made with just black wrapping paper, and poster board owls pointing the way down the sidewalk. The owls are painted in glow in the dark paint, but next year I think I'll have then holding some blinking tealights for more flare. 
 Everyone was stopping in the yard to take pictures with the girls, but I got one with them first.
 Well, that's all for now. I'm going to read a little tonight before I fall asleep, I hope. But, I'll be back in a day or so to tell you how to sign up for my pattern giveaway. Have a great weekend everyone!!! Until later.


Holly said...

Love your work! Very nicely done.

Melissa Jones Bowman said...

Thank you Holly!!!