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Monday, July 25, 2016

Blessings From Beginning to End

Well, I don't know if you can tell I'm ready for fall, right? A very hot and humid East Texas is not fun in the summer, I'm ready for some cool weather and a fire pit.  So, this is Blessings, my newest punch needle pattern, from the beginning to end.
 I always start with the small bits, my sunflower, then on to the bittersweet. 
 Then I moved onto leaves, pumpkins, and then their vines. The vines spell out Family, Friends, and Traditions.
 Time to fill in the pumpkins. I used a lot of highlight colors in this pattern. When I'm highlighting, I leave some room when I'm using my fill in color. I do that so I can add another color in, to add different little pops of color here and there. Fill that color in to your liking. You can make all of your pumpkins look different in color, like they are naturally. 
 Now on to the big letters, on the inside, I used my favorite Weeks Dye Works color, I use it in something every year, I sell it in my Etsy shop. The rest of the pattern is done in DMC floss.

 As you can see, Tuna really loves loves this pattern.
 Now to the background, I used 2 colors. I use them like variegated thread, like Valdani threads, but without the price.
 I outlined the whole pattern in 3 rows in the darker background color.
 Here it is out of the gripper frame. I cut around the whole pattern, leaving about an inch of weavers cloth, that I then stitch under the finished piece.
I added it to a piece of hornbook wood, I painted to look like a pumpkin. I cut some of my scrap weavers cloth in a leaf shape, then painted and stained it. I wrapped the handle with rusty wire, using that to connect the leaf to the hornbook wood. I purchased the hornbook wood at The Perfect Prim Punch on Etsy.
You can download Blessings instantly in my Etsy shop and The Pattern Cupboard, the links are below. Have a great week, and thanks for dropping by!


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