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Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Toys With Holly Punch Needle Pattern

 I just added Toys With Holly to my Etsy shop, now you can also purchase the hornbook wood I mounted mine on too! Just in time for the holidays. Below, you'll see the way I tackled my pattern from beginning to end.
 I really like starting with the small stuff, and work my way out.
 I like adding the face first, it kind of sets the mood for the rest of the pattern. I really love to play with the eyebrows, they can really change a face.
 Once I get to the bigger things, I like to outline them first, then fill them in.
 There's nothing like punching in the late afternoon sun, of course this is before the time changed. 
 Now, all ready for the background, I used Valdani so I didn't have to keep changing the color, it did it for me.
To finish, I did three rolls all the way around.
You will find the link to my shops below, you can download the pattern instantly there. You can also purchase the hornbook wood, like the one I mounted my piece on in my Etsy shop. If I don't get the chance for another post before Thanksgiving, I hope you have a wonderful one with all your family and friends!!!

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