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Sunday, January 8, 2017

Cupid Has My Heart From Beginning to End

This is my first pattern for 2017, Happy New Year! This one is actually 3 pieces that are put together.
 I wasn't thinking hair when I first started it. I guess I just love those cute little cupids in the vintage postcards.
 The large heart is punched in 1 Valdani color, but I left the "V" empty because that is where your pocket will go.
 I added a little arrow so you would know it was a cupid without the heart.
 I put the pocket and cupid on the same weavers cloth in my frame. Just make sure there's enough room to fold some cloth under when you pull them off the frame and cut them out.
 Here's the heart punched with the empty "V" for the pocket.
 All done and ready to put together.
 Stitch your pocket in place after you've stitched all of  your edges down.
 Pocket stitched in place and stitching my wool backing in place. I added a small amount of fiber fill so it wasn't completely flat. 
 When I stitched a backing on my cupid, I just used a scrap piece of weavers cloth since you won't see the back or lower body. When cutting him out, leave that lower body in place, that's what holds him in the pocket.
Now all finished off with a wool hanger! You can download the pattern instantly in both of my shops below. Happy punching!

                  ETSY               THE PATTERN CUPBOARD

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