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Friday, March 25, 2016

New Pattern and 2 From Beginnings to Ends

I didn't realize I didn't post America's Uncle until now, so I'm going to show beginning to end on him, and Liberty below. I always punch using 3 strands. I always start with the face, using 3 strands can get you smaller details, and I do those first.
Here he is on the back.
I started out with my reds after the face is done.
I couldn't help starting my border first, plus I wanted to see that before I picked a background color. I usually do the border last.
I had been thinking this background color all along, I just wanted to see everything else first.
Then all done, he was a quick easy pattern to do!
  Now on to my newest pattern Liberty, It only took 3 days to do her, but things kept coming up, let me just say, it was one of those weeks.
I started the words first, then moved on to the bunting, and then its background.
Just a little left, then all done! She's 8" long and 2 !/2" tall. I glued her to a piece of wood, and painted the stars on, and they are in the pattern too. The wood is 12" long and 3" tall, and 1/2" thick.
You can download my patterns instantly in any of the 3 shops below. Thanks for dropping by, have a great weekend!

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