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Sunday, April 24, 2016

Queen of Honey Punch Needle Pattern From Beginning to End

Hello everyone, I've just added a new punch needle pattern, Queen of Honey! Here are the pictures from beginning to end.
I usually start with the smallest details first, but I couldn't wait to tackle the beehive.
On outlines, I usually punch two lines on top of each other to make it thick, but I wanted to keep these simple.
Do your lines first, then fill them in.
Now on to the bees. 
The bees were so fun to watch come alive.
Now, I did the flowers first, the moved on to the greenery.
Now, time to tackle the honeycomb. Once again, I started with the outline, then filled them in. Just make sure you do your lettering before you finish your fill in.
Now to your outline, you can save it for last, I punched it in earlier because I wanted to see it before I picked my background color.
On to your background.
There you go, from beginning to end. You can download the pattern instantly in any of my 3 shops below. Thanks for dropping by, and happy punching!

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