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Saturday, February 25, 2017

Spring Hatch Pattern and Hornbook

 It's about that time of year, SPRING. Here in East Texas, it's felt like spring for a couple of months, I'm even running my air conditioner. I started Spring Hatch with the chicks.
 Then I finished up the tulips and and started my bunnies. 
 I tried a couple of different background colors, but as soon as I started this beautiful Valdani color, I knew it was the one.
 All finished up, now on to the hornbook wood I mounted it too. You can also find the hornbook wood in my Etsy shop. 
 I started with my light color, but wanted to give it a little extra. The colors I used are also in the Spring Hatch punch needle pattern. Before you start your darker color, let the light color dry overnight, then sand it to your liking.
 I would start the darker color as little dots, and would move them around with a damp sponge brush.
 As you can see on the corners, I made / slashes on each corner.
 If you think you've added to much of your dark color, just add a little more water to your sponge brush to clean it away.
 I only did the slashes on the corners, the rest I did up and down lines, just to make it interesting.
Then I stained it with Old English furniture polish, you will find the tutorial for that in my last post, and in the tutorial section. 


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