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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Wool & Feather Punch Needle Pattern From Beginning to End

 I'm so excited to get my newest pattern out, Wool & Feather. I seem to spend so much time on seasonal patterns, that it's really fun to do an everyday pattern. Here are the pictures from the beginning to end. You will also find a tutorial in the tutorial section on how I framed my finished piece too.
 Here's the pattern traced on my weavers cloth, and on the gripper frame, ready to punch.
 I always start on the small details first, so I started with my sheep's eyes. I just did two punches for my eye centers. I then outlined the nose, lip line, and ear centers. Then moved on to the crows eyes, and wing lines.
 Then I filled in the rest of the sheep's head and legs, then finished the crow.
 Then I started on my sheep's body outline, and the lines inside. I really want the outline and body lines to stick out, so I punched them once, then went over the lines again, doubling them up. You can do them side by side, but I like the way this looks better, for me.
 You can see really well how the double lines stick out.
 Now you can see why the lines being doubled is really important, it makes your sheep look very wooley. 

 Now all finished with my sheep and crow.
 I did my flower centers first, then moved on to my grass and plants.
 Now my flower petals.
 I did a really thin line around my sheep's body only, to make him really pop, before doing my background.
 All finished up, now time to start my outer borders.

 All finished up, and ready to take off the frame.
 I found the frame on Etsy at The Rusty Roof.
 Now I cut my wool to the size of my frame backing. I took my punched piece, set it in the center of my wool piece, then traced around it with a white pencil. 
 I cut that square out of my wool.
 Lay the wool over your punched piece, then start stitching your wool in place.
 Now stitched in place. I used double sided tape to stick my finished piece to my frame backing. Then just put the frame together, all done!
I want to say thanks to everyone who suggested framing it, I don't think it would look the same any other way. The patterns are ready for instant download in my Etsy shop and The Pattern Cupboard, the links are below. Thanks for dropping by, and Happy Punching!!!

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